Making cyberspace habitable

Hug Autistic Pride Day: June 18

Survivor; a City of Heroes Novel
Save City of Heroes Project
Write to Disney about CoH
Starfire; a City of Heroes Supergroup
LotR Online Forums
Cheezburger LOLcats Best of the Beast
I Can Has Cheezburger? "This is a treasure fuh you"
Diego Stocco: Bassoforte
Web Sudoku
Online Tetris


A few useful places on the web--

Wikipedia (English)
Asperger Services of Australia Forums
MapQuest Find anyplace in the world
Official US Central Time
Email Suffix List (countries)
Autism/Asperger Syndrome
Depressed Domain Host
Bloody Sunday investigation Official site
Houston Traffic Transtar
Y? Forum open discussion between populations
Federal government forms printable

Slow Motion Kitten (loop)


January 1, 2013