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What is Paragon Chat?

It's a program that resurrects the City of Heroes program as a zombie of itself. It "wakes up" the original program and attaches it to an XMPP server so it can be used as a 3D chat environment.

What you get:
Character Creation, and the ability to save characters.
(If you saved characters with Titan's SentinelPlus, you can salvage costume information and use it)
(If you "Save"d any costumes at Icon, those may re-appear in Character Creation, and at Icon)
The ability to enter zones and other maps without a mapserver.
The ability to see other PC users in your maps, and they can see your toon in theirs.
The usual CoX style chat with other PC users.
Travel powers: Flight, SuperSpeed, and SuperJump (they are still working on Teleport).
Tunnels and other zone doors work.
Some doors work, such as doors into Icon and stores. Icon itself is fully operational.
Ten costume slots, and a never-ending supply of costume tokens.
Teaming, Team chat, and Team indicators on minimap
Multiple chat channels
Badge collection

What you do not get:
No mob spawns.
No missions.
Contacts are there, but don't talk to you.


February 9, 2017